Adding Dynamic data to {article.body} when using API call from external application

  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: (docker)
  • Browser : chrome

I was able to create a ticket in zammad via API call, but now the issues its how to add dynamic variable in body message, because static message is not enough in my case
Any help please… !!

Article.body is a Zammad variable which you can, at no point, manipulate to have different information.
No idea what you’re doing.

@MrGeneration I’m using Elastalert for alerting, and i want to a ticket to be created in zammad if my alert triggred, so i’m able to get ticket to zammad via http post but the problem i faced was that i couldn’t add dynamic data in the body of the http request
as consequence ticket data are only static data(for exemple in case of container cpu spike, i need to add dynamic data in body message in order to know which container is concerned)
my question is how can i add variable to the body message to get dynamic data in zammad’s ticket.

Sorry but I can’t help you here.
This is out of the Application context and a rather specific issue to your environment.

I have no knowledge about Elastalert which is why I can’t help.

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