Adding a Avatar for Organization/Organisation

Feature Request

If possible I would like to see Avatars for organizations.


This is just a small cosmetic change and really not important, but I think it would just look nice. :art:

Possible Implementation

I think you could add this feature when searching & the user clicks on an organization it shows you their details.


Click on organization


Then the user can click on avatar to change organization photo.

Then it can just be similar, or even the same as the Users avatar.



You just automatically bring up Browser or OS upload manager to pick a photo.


Additional Feature Request

While writing this feature request I had another thought that might be cool :sunglasses: (Again not important and could go against your design/scope)

If an organization avatar implemented and user under that organization using the default avatar it could inherit the organization avatar?

Not sure what implications/issues this could cause.


  • Avatars for organizations
  • If organization avatar implemented all users under that organization have that avatar by default unless user avatar is implemented.

Thanks for taking the time to read this forum post.

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Hi @Paulser,

I really like the first idea.

To the seccond idea: I would not inherit the avator of the organization 1:1, but perhabs it would be cool if the logo would be in the background of the initials. Otherwise, if every user of a organization has the same avatar it could be a little bit confusing.

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Thanks it really does not acheve that much but it could make it look a little more cool :sunglasses:

I can see/understand that, I am pretty happy with the current system if it was not to change.

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I will add just one more note:

I think I would not want this to change the organization icon when searching.


Only on the avatar.



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This would be even more awesome, now that the organisation icon is displayed at the top of a ticket.

In addition, it can be automaticly filled by the Clearbit-integration (if they provide logos, I don’t know).

And if domain-based assignment is used our Image Service can be used as well. The one that tries to find a login logo based on the e-mail-domain of the administrator in the setup process.