Add time spend on article to invidiual articles (please!)


When opening a ticket I get a list of ticket articles.
When clicking on an article it opens some sort of article header and footer.
Can you please please add time spend to the footer info?

Reasoning behing this: Sometimes people make a typo and 5 minutes becomes 55 minutes and the billing on the issue is wrong and clients complain when seeing the ticket report.

This way an agent can check and see whether or not he made a mistake before closing the ticket.

Warm regards,
Jeroen Baten

p.s. Yes, I realize that, if I had applied for the recent Zammad product owner position, I could have made this happen too. :slight_smile:

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That’s still a team decision but yeah, nice thought. I shall change my position to PO.

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Of course it would have been a team descision. What I meant was that my influence would hopefully be a bit bigger than the current $regular_user :slight_smile: