Add ticket-lock to prevent simultaneous working on tickets

Hi guys,

I’d like to propose the idea of a “ticket-lock”.

In the past we had the problem, that two agents simultaneously answered the same ticket. To prevent this in future we’d like to see a clearly visible, prominently placed warning if an agent tries to answer (or in someway work) on a ticket that somebody else already works on at the moment.

Optionally it should be possible to completely block simultaneous working on a ticket by disabling the respective elements (once an agent starts to work on a ticket) for all other agents.

Best regards

T. J. Heske

That goes completely against the concept of Zammad.

I believe having a look onto the lower part of the ticket details would have helped the agents to see that someone is working on the ticket. Apart from using funny things like owner assignments.

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Thank you for the quick answer.

We’re aware of both features. Our problem is, that these little icons in the lower left part of the screen are indeed fairly hard to recognize. I don’t think the current implementation serves it’s purpose if it can be missed easily.

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