Add site field to user/organisation

Hi, I am looking at moving our ticketing to Zammad. The system we are currently using has a Organisation > Site/Office > User hierarchy. Everyone of the popular ticketing systems I have looked at does not feature this.

The work around I have found in Zammad is to use tags for my site/offices. However, I wondered whether anyone had any thoughts on this?

I know I can add custom fields such as a select but the select values need to be populated based on the organisation that is chosen.

Thanks and congratulations on a great product.

we have organisation -> user, then use groups and roles for each department. I wonder if that could work for you?

So each department (or for you, site) can see their tickets in their overviews that you’ll need to create (ie SiteA Unassigned, SiteA Opened, SiteA All Tickets, you configure it so only users in SiteA can see those overviews) , you can assign tickets to the group, they can be transferred to different groups and what not.

We are doing internal support for multiple sites and multiple departments on our company.
I think we did what you want to do with some “workarounds”.

First step:
We created additional fields “site”, “building”, “room number” and “department” for the user (customer).
These fields are filled with the values of active directory during ldap import.

But unfortunately you can´t display these user fields in ticket overviews.
(@MrGeneration: would be a great enhencement)

Second step:
Because of the limitation above we created an additional field “site” for the ticket.
Then we created a bunch of triggers, that set the “site.ticket”-field depending on the value in “site.user”-field or the “department.user”-field if a department is based only in one site/building

So we are able to have an overview with all tickets belonging to a site.

Third step:
In addition to that we created organizations in zammad for each of our departments.
We got a small ruby script, that looks in the “department.user”-field and adds the users (customers) to the appropriate organizations.

Based on the department information in ldap the user/customer belongs to a organization in zammad.
Based on the site/building/room - information in ldap the the tickets of the users/customers belong to the site the user is working in.

Maybe this works for you too.

Thank you very much for this info. I will look into this to see if I can make it work for us.

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