Add possibility to embed iframe in ticket

In our use case we are using Zammad in online store as an order timeline (which receives and merges order related information from different source like payment gateway, customer, ERP, online store etc.).
We also using Metabase for reports and read model composed with data from different sources (ERP, online store, etc.).
Metabase has ability to serve its reports via iframe which in described use case will show ie. information in table format related to explored order.
We already using custom object “Order number” which is link type and which redirects to Metabase report related to an order.

I imagine this feature in Zammad as an article like note where we paste iframe code and which could be pinned on top of articles.

If security is your concern, feature could be supported only via note.
If we receive order ticket, automation process could add a note with an iframe which always will present current data about an order gathered from various systems like online store and ERP so an agent don’t have to leave Zammad to take an action.

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