Add Group as select attribute to Organization


is it possible to add a relation to the group in the organization object?
I would like to assign the group to the ticket by a trigger after creation.

kind regards
Thomas Williamson


no, this is not possible.
The group is a mandatory information to the ticket, thus the ticket can’t be created with that information.

However, when using a dummy group, you could simply use triggers to change the tickets group afterwards. (Postmaster filter work as well, if you’re going via Mail)


I already work with a Dummy Group.
But I would like to add a relationship to the object group to the Organization object.
Something like:

You’re trying to use reserved names - use groupid instead??
The name is just an internal thingie anyway that you need on API and stuff, nothing regarding the display name. You agents will see the display name. Especially when working with IDs, the current display name is absolutely missleading