Add e-mail as display option for overviews


For easier referencing of tickets in overviews to the customers it would be great if the e-mail could be displayed optionally as a column.
The benefit would be that at once glance one could directly (in most cases) recognize what company the customer is from.
Just showing the inquirers name is mostly not sufficient in B2B workflows.

What do you think?


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I think there is already another feature request by @svnr-dvnkln to show not only fields from ticket Information but also fields from customer information. Customer Information would include the mail-address.

Maybe @MrGeneration could merge these enhancement requests?


Hi Gerhard,

yeah that would work as well. Sounds good to me.
However this raises the question which of the customer information fields should be selectable as with the current GUI the list for creating new overviews would get extremely long.


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