Add copy to clipboard button for customer email

  1. What is your original issue/pain point you want to solve?

I’ve noticed myself manually copying the email address of our customers multiple times per day for pasting it into other applications.

  1. Which are one or two concrete situations where this problem hurts the most?

Failing to copy it exactly by missing a few letters or including extra text such as the surrounding quotation marks.

  1. Why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard?

There is no such button at the moment.

  1. What is your expectation/what do you want to achieve?

Clicking this button would simply copy the customers email of the current ticket view to your clip board.

Made a quick mockup using the already existing “copy ticket number to clipboard” button:

Your Zammad environment:

  • Average concurrent agent count: 4
  • Average tickets a day: ~100
  • What roles/people are involved: Agents