Able to expand the fields in table in the Package Management

I have created 2 Zammad Package and the name it’s made up with the name of the company and the functionality. When the 2 Zammad Package are installed you only see the name of the company becuase is the same in every package so you can not verify what package is. If you could expand the fields you could see the complete name and see the complete information.

Many thanks!

Sorry but I don’t understand your issue.
Is that really a feature request or rather a development question?

Because you currently have these columns:

  • name
  • version
  • vendor
  • state
  • (action)

Why would you have two different addons with the same name?
I mean, the name would allow you to see which addon is which, right? ^^

Hi Mr! Is a very smal feature request. In my case I develop 2 addons but because they specifically for one company. Every name of the addon is the name of company then the name of addon so when I installed you can see only the name of the company. So there is no way to expand the width of the field and see more information. I already changed it with the name of the addon and then the name of the company so is solved for me. I put in feature request because maybe could be useful in other case and I think is not very complicated. All the best!

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