Ability to delete multiple text modules

There are a lot of example text module that the installation creates; I don’t want them, but I have to delete them all separately because the UI there doesn’t have the ability to delete multiple entries and then delete them at once.

It would be nice if there were selection boxes like in the ticket view, and then the ability to do bulk actions like delete, enable, disable.

EDIT: it’s also rather annoying that I can’t confirm the confirmation popup e.g. with Enter. I have to click on the “delete” button with the mouse. If I could confirm the popup with Enter, it would probably speed up deleting the separate entries.

The import function might help you working around this issue?

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Haha, yeah, that’s a clever workaround :smiley:

I exported the existing data with the example CSV feature, copypasted the first two lines (header line plus one data line) into the import text field, and thereby deleted all but one entry. That one was easy to delete manually afterwards. Thanks!

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Glad that helped you kind of! :smiley:

Another idea: a proper export probably wouldn’t hurt. The example CSV download already is an export function, but it’s hidden beneath the Import button, and can only export the first 23 entries (not sure why exactly 23 ^^). Then it would be possible to transfer text modules between multiple Zammad instances, e.g. from a staging system to a production system.

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