4 Feature requests

We are currently evaluating Zammad as an internal solution at our MSP.
The experience is great so far but some aspects can be improved considering our workflow.
I suspect those features are not a special use case for our organization and hope they are general enough.

  1. Allow time accounting when creating a ticket with closed state:
    Currently we have to update a ticket after creation in order to spawn the time accounting dialog.
    We have a lot of requests which don’t need an update and can be closed on ticket creation so
    updating the ticket feels artificial and is only used for the time accounting function.

  2. Make either Title or the Text input on ticket creation an optional field:
    For the same reason above, some requests are very simple and only one of title/text is enough information regarding a request.

  3. Allow changing the order of search results:
    Currently the order of search results is: Tickets -> Users -> Organizations
    An option to show organizations first can be very useful.

  4. Allow creating a ticket for organization instead of a specific user:
    I’ve seen this feature requested elsewhere on this forum, for our workflow it makes more sense
    to work at organization level instead of individual users within an org.
    Currently we are creating a general user for each organization in order to be able to open a ticket.

Thank you

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