3.3.0 Version excited only for the release notes

3.3.0 Version excited only for the release notes

And if this new stable version is supported elasticsearch 7.6.x?

Congratulations for the version and More Power ZAMMAD

Thank You



Congrats to the Zammad team for the great release!

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You can find the release notes for Zammad 3.3.0 on Github:


I’m running elastic 7.6.x with the current version without problems.


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Same here. Any issues so far

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ES 7.6 no longer is an issue - this also applies to Zammad 3.2.

In the first days it was an issue, because the attachment plugin wasn’t up to date at that moment which caused issues.

Community Post will follow later on - I’m just a bit short on time at the moment. :pray:

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yeah thank you… but i mean posted in zammad.org​:grin::grin::metal::metal:

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