2.7.1 update Question only

Zammad Version ; 2.7.1
Installed via Deb
OS Ubuntu 18.04

Requesting for your kind assistance, Need only clarification, I installed zammad via deb 2.7.1
If im going to update the zammad via deb I only get the 2.8.1 version if that version is also release in stable?

and now I only get is the committed bug fixed in 2.7.1?

Thank you and more power

2.7.1 only contains what 2.7.1 contains, 2.8.0 / 2.8.1 will contain more.
So if we fixed Bugs in 2.8 and you can’t find a commit for this bug in 2.7.1 release, then we did not fix it in the older version.

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